Today's era is the era of the network,Who can use the Internet to build their own brands to account for the game,The enterprisePCOfficial website、Mobile website as in the bustling commercial street has its own store is a truth,The ZhuanMaiDian does not attract customers to visit,Customers buy don't buy your products to a large degree it's not your product itself,But the web site design and positioning。

Picture is the enterprise brand image to show the important one of the most intuitive carrier,Almost all of the information contains the company's foreign propaganda,As the products of the company、Production ability、Service project,Corporate culture and concept, and so on,The positioning precision,Planning in the corporate brand image design exquisite pictorial graces many,The importance is self-evident。Ten years to the design of the company in the picture album design of many in the industry are doing well,Some even become model in the industry,Ten different rows of listed companies perennial choice is proof of that!
Commercial photography is the one of the core advantage,The photographer has10Years of industry experience,More photograph had been published in domestic famous magazine,Currently he is member of shenzhen photographer association。Superb technology and unique artistic vision,Let the heart of photography has won customer praise。The equipped with investment nearly50Professional photographic equipment and more than yuan100m2In the studio,But two team shooting at the same time,Whether industrial products、Portraits,Pictures or ideas,Heart can become adept to Thailand on the high grade for the customer the visual enjoyment。So far as some of the earliest Chinese listed companies in Hong Kong"Translation"Specify the photographing food photography company,Shenzhen's largest building curtain wall listed companies"Great Wall"Taken the national construction cases,As the nation's largest electric welding machine enterprises"Christie, science and technology"Shoot all the related products,Shenzhen well-known brands"Good in one hundred"All online mall site with product images,We can also respond to the requirements of the guests to shoot outside shooting or to the guest's company。